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  • Projects

    A well-executed project not only targets the operation of the plant but also the degree of safety with respect to both equipment as individuals, and in this sense is vitally important grounding system applied faithfully following what the standards recommend.

  • Consulting

    KWE has an experienced team of electrical engineers who will advise you on the choices of systems and safer electrical equipment that meet the applicable standards and represent an optimum use of energy, generating cost savings by improving energy efficiency in homes, in commerce and industry.

  • Installations

    Improper electrical installations, whether old or made from poor quality materials and / or poorly dimensioned are a major cause of accidents and fire in Brazil. In KWE you has a team highly specialized in electrical engineering to accommodate a different electrical installations and present appropriate solutions to avoid waste.

  • Electrical Measurements

    Kabel Weg Engineering (KWE) works with the most modern equipment of electrical measurements, with excellent technology, which measure precisely all parameters of a power grid, harmonic currents, generating estimates of energy cost in accordance with the measurement.

Latest News

  1. Two states with high wind-energy penetration, Texas and Kansas (564 MW), stand atop the list of those with major reciprocating engine capacity. California is third with close to 400 MW.

  2. The Jackson Smart Energy District aims to achieve the parent firm’s 2040 clean energy goals some 15 to 20 years earlier. Those goals include producing 40 percent of the district’s energy needs from on-site renewable sources.

  3. A good economy and growth in southeast U.S. business climate—including a 1 percent rise in both retail electric sales and customer base in 2018—sparked the good report.

Areas of Expertise

Since 2003 Kabel Weg Engenharia (KWE) has established a solid reputation in the market providing a full range of Technical Services , such as studies and engineering projects , analysis of technical and economic feasibility of changing energy tariffs; measurements of consumption and demand , evaluation of consumption of reactive and harmonics , data collection and processing requests for increased load and power incoming point reforms ; technical reports , execution of works and erection , in addition to various consultancies in the area of electrical engineering , and others.

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